Hamburg Pro Media


We are based in the beautiful and cosmopolitan hanseatic city of Hamburg in the north of Germany.
Since more than 20 years Hamburg Pro Media (formally known as Hamburg Pro Audio) is well known as a media solution specialist and integrator in Germany. In 2007 we founded our software development division that focuses on new media technologies for professional audio and video workflows. HPA Media Tool was our first MXF and AAF software based workflow solution to interchange between Avid, ProTools, Sony XPRI and Omneon systems. We achieved industry-leading knowledge about the MXF technology as we are one of a few companies world-wide that has developed their own MXF libraries instead of using 3rd party SDKs. Today we can take advantage of our independent MXF core libraries to develop for all platforms and systems.

Software Engineering

New media technologies in the professional audio and video workflow field opening up more possibilities to use the manufacturer independent MXF file format for Apple and PC platforms. The HPA media tool, developed by us, was the first MXFand AAF software solution available on the market for file transfer between Avid, Pro Tools, SonyXPRI and Omneon systems. We advanced to the leading MXF workflow specialists and have since become one of the few companies worldwide that has developed its own MXF libraries, without of using third-party SDK's. This gives us an avantageous position to develop and manufacture independent software solutions for all platforms and systems. The market leader MXF4mac, the journalist editing tool "Jetset" and the new Content Workflows for AVID are just some examples of our successful products.