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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MXF4mac?

MXF4mac is the name of the MXF product series for Mac OS X.

Is MXF4mac a company?

No. The company name is Hamburg Pro Media GmbH.

What do I need to read MXF files in Mac OS X?

You need MXF Import QT.

Is MXF Import QT a MXF codec for QuickTime?

No. A codec enables decoding or encoding of video and audio data.
MXF Import QT is a so called QuickTime component and it enables QuickTime and QuickTime based applications to interpret native MXF files.
Compatible MXF files feel like QuickTime movie files.

How can I read MXF files with Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro and many other Mac OS X applications directly interface with MXF Import QT which allows to open and edit MXF files.
In addition we have more workflow options available with Atomic Fusion and P2 Flow.

Does MXF Import QT convert MXF files to QuickTime files?

No. MXF Import QT integrates MXF into the QuickTime multimedia architecture and provides a direct access to a broad range of compatible MXF variations.
MXF Import QT itself does not convert MXF media and does not create reference files.
However due to the integration in QuickTime it is possible to use all standard features of QuickTime and the QuickTime framework to convert MXF to other formats which also includes 3rd party exports. QuickTime is not only a format and not just a media player. QuickTime is an open and expandable multimedia architecture that allows MXF integration in the entire Mac OS X operating system. Both the open Material eXchange Format and the open QuickTime architecture play pretty well together.

Which applications are compatible to your MXF components?

Any Mac OS X application can interface with our MXF components through the open QuickTime framework or Compressor. Check the compatibility list for applications we already tested.

Do I need Final Cut Studio to use MXF4mac import and export solutions?

You need Final Cut Pro and Compressor for our dedicated export plug-ins. For MXF access you should install Compressor (part of Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Server and Logic Pro) or the free Qmaster render engine as they install certain video codecs that are used by MXF Import QT. We highly recommend to use the original Apple codecs to ensure maximum quality and support. Having different codecs for the same formats installed might cause system conflicts.
learn more about MXF and Final Cut Pro 7 learn more about MXF and Final Cut Pro X

What do I need to read AVC-Intra files?

First you need an Intel system. PPC computers are not supported by any solution. You need to have the Apple AVC-Intra codec from Final Cut Studio 3.
This new codec is optimized for editing in Final Cut Pro and provides full 10-bit Y'CbCr support.
To set up a native AVC-Intra timeline in Final Cut Pro you need our AVC-Intra Codec.
Final Cut Pro 7 is highly recommended.

What is the benefit of MXF4mac against other MXF solutions?

1. Before MXF4mac has started the era of conversion free MXF access it was necessary to rewrap or transcode MXF files to QuickTime movies.
2. MXF4mac is owned by a well known German company. A team of experts develops and supports an entire range of solutions and we have partnerships with resellers and manufacturers all over the world.
3. MXF Import QT and MXF Import are the most compatible, robust and fastest solutions for MXF file access. Major broadcasters all over the world use it 24/7 for daily on-air production.
4. MXF4mac provides and overall integration for MXF access and creation. Our exporters for Final Cut Pro and Compressor are as popular as our importer and our MXF capturing enabler has been recgonized with great interest. We support round-tripping with import, export, capture and specific workflow solutions. It's MXF integration to the core
5. MXF Import QT allows access to growing MXF OP1a media files, e.g. during live recording or file transfer operations. This feature is highly required by our broadcast customers and manufacturer partners who use MXF as the favorite ingest, archive and transfer format.

Where can I buy MXF4mac products?

MXF4mac products are available through resellers, directly from us or via our web shop.

Can I install one license on multiple computers?

A license can only be installed on one single machine. We continuously enhance the licensing process for both single user installations as well as large enterprise deployments. Please contact our service engineers for detailed information.

How can I test your software without purchasing a license?

You can request test licenses with time limited activation codes. Please provide valid contact information and a brief description about your MXF workflow. We do not reply to anonymous or inadequate messages.

What is your response time?

We are available during standard local business hours between 9 AM and 6 PM Central European Time. Purchase orders and license activations are processed during standard business hours. Please consider time zones, weekends and holidays.