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MXF support for Final Cut Pro X

MXF support for FCPX

Ready for Mavericks
(Mac OS X v10.9)

Ready for Mavericks - Mac OS X v10.9

MXF Import

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The MXF Import Plug-In ready for Final Cut Pro 7 + X with a wide range of new metadata.
This means "native MXF workflow ready" for Apple OS X. Including Apple sandbox support.

MXF Import is a MXF reader, importer, interpreter and file access Plug-In.
It allows to natively open and access a broad range of MXF variations without converting or rewrapping to the QuickTime movie format.
The unique integration enables Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7, the Finder (QuickLook), QuickTime Player and other solutions to directly access native MXF.

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Final Cut Pro X support pdf_icon Download MXF - FCP X workflow PDF

MXF Import provides direct access of MXF into FCP X.
That implies no transcoding or even re-wrapping.
MXF Import supports AS-11 import.
Expandable with AVC-Intra Encoder or JPEG2000 Decoder .

For further information on MXF4mac, its options, formats,
codecs and system requirements please go to: MXF4mac

Any questions about FCP X and MXF integration?

MXF Import Features:

Workflow improvements

Format support

The solution is compatible with many different MXF variations coming from broadcast media, ingest, transcoding and playout devices, hard disk recorders, or software that creates MXF files. Directly access various flavors of MXF such as Sony XDCAM (OP1a), Panasonic P2 (OP-Atom) and Avid (OP-Atom) without re-wrapping or transcoding.
As an option, the MXF4mac product line supports JPEG2000. We continuously work on further format support.
Thanks to our independent MXF core libraries and MXF Info Analyzer application we can continuously add more MXF variations from even more sources.
Please check our website frequently for the latest state of development and/or compatibility lists for supported devices or leave us a message.

Growing file support

MXF Import allows access to streaming MXF files (indexed OP1a).
This is a very important feature to access MXF live recording feeds or file transfers.
The most common requirement is edit-while-ingest which basically means access and update to video live recordings or file ingests.
In addition this could also include various kind of file transfers such as downloads via FTP or standard web browsers, file copies between network attached workstations or even when copying a file from one local hard disk to another one. Direct access during partial restores or exports complements these requirements.
MXF Import provides workflows for Final Cut Pro to directly access growing MXF files without using reference movies or other workarounds.
Final Cut Pro 7 already supports access of growing files as well as refreshing the growing data in the timeline. With MXF4mac Final Cut Pro became the first NLE system that was able to directly edit growing MXF OP1a files.
No background application, no scanning or referencing process is required. Final Cut Pro X access to growing files is in preparation.

Avid file support

MXF Import provides access to the most Avid MXF variations.
Standard compression types such as IMX30/40/50, DV, DVCPRO25/50, DVCPRO HD, AVC-Intra, XDCAM HD, XDCAM EX and Uncompressed 1:1 8-bit are being interpreted with Apple QuickTime codecs to provide full compatibility, realtime effects and video playout within Final Cut Pro. DNxHD and Avid Meridien files (1:1, 2:1, 2:1s, 3:1, 4:1m, 4:1s, 10:1, 10:1m, 14:1, 15:1s, 20:1, 28:1, 35:1) are also supported.
Other applications such as Motion, Shake, Premiere Pro or After Effects can import and edit the native Avid MXF files as well.
Avid users benefit from MXF file preview within the media directory and when importing MXF files into Avid.
Compatibility matrix MXF Import Final Cut Pro 6 FCP 7 - Final Cut Pro 7 FCP X - Final Cut Pro X
MXF Import - Mac OS X v10.7, v10.8, v10.9 Mac OS X v10.7.5, v10.8, v10.9