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AVC-Intra Codec

MXF support for Final Cut Pro X

MXF support for FCPX

Ready for Mavericks
(Mac OS X v10.9)

Ready for Mavericks - Mac OS X v10.9

AVC-Intra Codec

Hours and hours of video footage are being created and archived every day.
AVC-Intra Codec is the first AVC-Intra encoder for Apple's OS X and the only MXF AVC-Intra encoder for the Mac.
Take advantage of a modern 10bit I-Frame only Codec with multi-generation performance and higher picture quality.
The encoder has been optimized to smoothly interface with the Apple AVC-Intra decoder that is included with the Apple Pro App codec package.
It provides a full AVC-Intra workflow.

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Export features

1. MXF Export
AVC-Intra Codec can be used with our MXF Exporters - like ImEx Suite - to wrap AVC-Intra directly into standard MXF.

2. Quicktime Export
AVC-Intra encoding is available in every QuickTime application, that provides standard QuickTime export operations. For example AVC-Intra rendering gets enabled in applications such as Adobe After Effects and the encoding is available in Apple Compressor or even Apple's Quicktime Play Pro.

QuickTime export

Compressor export

Long-GOP to I-Frame

Every frame counts. Transform your high compressed Long-GOP sources such as XDCAM HD, HDV, AVCHD or H.264 to the best I-Frame Only full constant bit rate compression available. AVC-Intra is suitable for pristine editing and archiving at up to 100 Mbps.

Final Cut Pro 7 support

AVC-Intra Codec - AVC-Intra Codec enables Final Cut Pro 7 to set up native AVC-Intra timelines.
Intermediate transcoding to Apple's ProRes codec will be avoided and true 10-bit video playout with realtime effects as well as video file export is available. Source media can be both native MXF through our MXF Import solution and QuickTime MOV based files from Final Cut Pro's Log and Transfer. Full MXF to MXF round tripping is enabled in combination with MXF Import and our export solutions. Also Color 1.5 or later will get enabled to import native AVC-Intra based MXF media files.

Download AVC-Intra timelines

Final Cut Pro X support

AVC-Intra Codec enables Final Cut Pro X to export AVC-Intra files.
There is no difference between export of QuickTime .MOV files or export of AVC-Intra files in .MXF container.
Source media can be both native MXF through our MXF Import solution and QuickTime MOV files or files from Final Cut Pro's Camera Import.
Full MXF to MXF round tripping is enabled in combination with MXF Import and our export solutions.

AVC-Intra Codec Features:

AVC-Intra Codec - Free Update (March 2013)

The free update released in March 2013 provides up to 30% increase of encoding speed. This means a significant improvement of productivity.

It supports Final Cut Pro 7, Final Cut Pro X and Compressor for MXF output.

Free Update for all registered users.
Please log in to your account and download the new AVC-Intra Codec. AVC-Intra Codec

Future Proof I-Frame Only CBR

AVC-Intra is a high efficient compression technology that is fully optimized for professional post production workflows and it also works brilliant for MXF streaming operations. The I-Frame only compression uses true constant bit rates resulting in a byte accurate data size for each frame. This enables smart indexing for fast streaming operations with growing files. Our export solutions create such fast streaming enabled MXF OP1a files which can be accessed directly while the export process is still ongoing. Like this AVC-Intra covers a broad range of workflows from high quality post production to high efficient broadcast.
Compatibility matrix AVC-Intra Codec Final Cut Pro 6 FCP 7 - Final Cut Pro 7 FCP X - Final Cut Pro X
AVC-Intra Codec 1 - Mac OS X v10.6.8, v10.7, v10.8, v10.9 Mac OS X v10.7.5, v10.8, v10.9
1 AVC-Intra support only available on Intel