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MXF4mac MXF4mac - All products under the label MXF4mac are developed by Hamburg Pro Media GmbH in Hamburg, Germany.
MXF4mac - MXF for Mac

Make MXF to feel like QuickTime

Standardized Digital Video Workflow for the Mac.
Open, view, play, edit without Transcoding.

Content is everything

Dont let your media format decision end up in a black hole.

Owners of intellectual property need efficient workflows for tapeless editing, media distribution and archiving. Future proof and open standards are required to access media on different systems today, in years and decades.

MXF for mac - Content is everything

MXF is an open and manufacturer independent SMPTE media standard with the objective to replace or complement proprietary file formats. Access to proprietary formats require the use of manufacturer dedicated solutions. In tape based workflows this was never an issue as EDL based digitizing worked with any NLE system. Access to file based media formats however often requires conversions. Dedicated conversions take time, eat bandwidth and require additional storage. Additional equipment and applications require administration and user action, seamless workflows are blocked, productivity shrinks. All too often tapeless workflows are cumbersome.

Standards within the standard

MXF is a file container format. Like with other wrappers such as MOV or AVI the video and audio essences can use various compression types. MXF does not force the use of certain video or audio compression types but also the internal index and partition structure can vary. Still MXF is the perfect choice for fully standardized and open workflows. Using strict standards for both the MXF file structure and the compression types is the right path through the jungle of digital formats.

No matter if you run web based video services, a post production facility or a large television enterprise business, if your content is of great value then you should consider the importance of standardization. It guarantees access to content in years and decades beyond manufacturer's support time but also enables efficient file interchange workflows with customers and partners.

MXF4mac Compatibility matrix Final Cut Pro 6 FCP 7 - Final Cut Pro 7 FCP X - Final Cut Pro X
Atomic Fusion - Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7, v10.8, v10.9 -
AVC-Intra Codec 1 - Mac OS X v10.6.8, v10.7, v10.8, v10.9 Mac OS X v10.7.5, v10.8, v10.9
DNG QT 3 Mac OS X v10.5, v10.6 Mac OS X v10.5, v10.6, v10.7 -
J2K Codec - Mac OS X v10.7, v10.8, v10.9 Mac OS X v10.7.5, v10.8, v10.9
MXF Info Analyzer Mac OS X v10.7, v10.8, v10.9
MXF4mac Player Mac OS X v10.6, v10.7, v10.8, v10.9
P2 Flow 2 Mac OS X v10.5, v10.6 -
Update FCP Media - Mac OS X v10.5, v10.6, v10.7 -
1 AVC-Intra support only available on Intel
2 AVC-Intra support only available on Intel (proxy support on PPC if available)
3 The QuickLook component is available for free while the QuickTime component is bundled with MXF Import QT